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Touching the Senses Garden

A sea of breezy grasses punctuated by architectural globes of spiky succulents and bright button-like flowers celebrate texture and the joy of touch.


Inspired by planting schemes that use box balls as anchor points amongst prairie-style planting, the design recreated this effect with succulents taking the place of box for a sense of fun, intrigue and irresistible texture.


A low-maintenance and drought-resistant garden, designed with wheelchair users in mind, offering easy access to touch the highly textural plants.


More commonly known as 'Billy Balls' these quirky, drought-tolerant flowers were planted to hover above the grasses giving bright accents of colour and a nod to the spherical theme.

Craspedia globosa


Visiting Gardening Express in early June to select Sempervivums for the garden. Next to me is Andy, their nursery manager who joined me on the build.

Are these sculptures for sale?


The spheres displayed at Hampton Court have all now been re-homed, however I am taking commissions for 2024 onwards.

These living sculptures are particularly well suited for atriums and glass foyers, making a beautiful and memorable welcome for visitors entering a building. 

They require minimal upkeep with little watering.



Sponsors and helpers

Gardening Express
Little hanging garden company

The Gardening Express team helped realise this garden. From providing hundreds of succulents, to sharing their expertise, equipment and man-power during the build. 

Special thanks to the Little Hanging Garden Company for providing much of the beautiful Echeveria. The founder, Elizabeth Viney, has been incredibly generous with her knowledge and expertise in creating sculptural art from succulents. 

Dorothy Seed florists

Dorothy Seed Florists are based in the South West and went to huge lengths to help me track down the elusive Craspedia globosa!

Volunteers for Jodie Chan Hampton Garden

I couldn't have done this without my incredible build and transport team who have given up hours and days of their time to make this project a success. 

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